Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Humbled by Obedience

I have been a christian my whole life. I have prayed. I have read the bible. I have been in fellowship. I have gone to church. But I've never felt the Holy Spirit in me as much as I did last week. It woke me up, it gave me a clear image and told me to pray. It told me to be obedient. It commanded it! The following letter is a result of this. It was written to a man named Bob Goff. This man does incredible work for the kingdom. 

A little bit of background on Bob:
Bob is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Restore International, a non-profit organization which was established to address the atrocities and injustices committed against children. With a passion and vision for finding audacious ways to restore justice to children and the poorest of the poor, Restore’s mission is to make a difference on behalf of those who do not otherwise have a voice.
With a team of dedicated people, Restore International has pursued justice for the needy. They have worked with Uganda’s judiciary in bringing to trial over 200 cases, including cases involving children who were languishing in jail without trial. In 2007, the Restore Academy was started.  It is a school in the war-torn region of Gulu, with a current enrollment of 220 students. (Bio taken from http://bobgoff.com/?page_id=2)
Recently, he has been helping to prosecute the witch doctor that attacked a little boy named Randolph. Randolph is an 8 year old Ugandan boy who recently had his genitalia cut off by a local witch doctor and was left to die in a field. What Bob and the judge who prosecuted the witch doctor are doing is making sure word is out that if they do anything of the sort again they will go to prison for life or get the death penalty.

Now, listen to this work of the Holy Spirit.

Good morning!
This is a little bit of a strange message. I don't think I've ever actually met you in person, but I know who you are, and some of the things you do over in Uganda with the youth. Something kind of strange happened to me this morning.

About an hour ago I just woke up. (Keep in mind, this NEVER happens to me. I don't "just wake up". I'm the girl who has to set about 6 alarms on my phone and have my roommate shake me just so I don't sleep through my classes. But even beyond that I was up late last night studying for a wold civ exam that I have today--needless to say, it was strange). I was laying in my bed and I just really felt God telling me to pray. Pray hard. Pray specifically for a young man who is in Uganda who you have been helping.There was a heavy burden that was put on my heart for this young man. As I was praying, I also really felt him saying "Kelsey, open my word". So, I started reading my bible. There were a few verses that particularly stuck out to me.

Psalm 18. Even those that love God, who call him Rock, and Fortress and Deliverer go through strong periods of struggle. It talks about the cords of death entangling, and death being right in front. God gets mad, but he then reaches down from on high and takes hold. He rescues from the powerful enemy!

I didn't really want to tell you this because I don't know you and was scared of the possibility that you had no idea what I was talking about and I would just look like a fool. But the next thing I read was this:

Proverbs 15:23 "a man finds joy in giving an apt reply--and how good is a timely word!"

SO...I don't even really know how to conclude. I guess just know and be blessed that there is an army behind you. People who you don't even know who are praying for you and for everyone you encounter and help. And as for the young man in Uganda, if anyone specifically come to mind, it would be cool to know who I am praying for. If not, I will just continue to pray for those who feel like they are cinched in Hell's ropes, with a noose tight around there neck, the devil's water washing over them. Pray that they would know Jesus can save them. That He will catch them and save them and put their life back together because He loves them so, so much.

Thanks fro your time,
have a wonderfully blessed day!

In His name,
Kelsey Starr

Hello Kelsey,
Thanks for your note. It'll blow your mind if I tell you what I will, but here goes. You wrote your note and I got it after meeting with the witchdoctor I got a life sentence against at trial who is now in the maximum security prison here in Uganda. It's a pretty scary place and I wondered what this guy would say to the guy who put him away for life for taking the body parts of the little boy.
Something amazing happened though Kelsey. I went there to tell him that God forgives him and still wants him to be part of His family. Kelsey, this witchdoctor who is serving a life sentence now has a new life, as He asked Jesus to forgiven Him and to start over....
Thanks for the prayers, friend. In the morning, meeting with 30 other witchdoctors to pick a fight, then leaving with the little boy tomorrow night.

How glorious is our God that he would bless me by showing me the powerful affects of prayer, and being obedient! I have learned something so valuable in my heart. I have been humbled and have seen the work that our mighty God can do even through someone as simple as me. Let this be an inspiration. To be obedient, even when you think you may look like a fool. God is much bigger than the fools. Let Him work through you. Will you let Him do that?

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